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10 Best Things to Do on Memorial Day & Weekend 2018

Things to Do on Memorial Day 2018 – Memorial Day or Commemoration Day is celebrated in recognition of every one of those militants who gave their precious lives in the administration of country’s outfitted drive. It is considered as a national holiday of the United States of America. On this day, Americans assembled to honor a fearless service and valor of warriors and other armed force authorities.

Every year, the prestigious occasion of Memorial Day falls on the last Monday of May, thus, in 2018 it will be observed on Monday, 28th of May. The patriotic holiday of Memorial Day is celebrated with immense joy, enthusiasm and glory across the length and breadth of the US. On this extraordinary day, people of America remember and offer special thanks to veteran men and women of US armed force through a variety of ways.

Memorial Day comes at a great time; many people host barbecues or go for a trip. But few take a time to remember the true meaning of the day.  If you want to celebrate Memorial Day wholeheartedly, then have a look at the list of amazing things which you can do on Memorial Day & Memorial Day Weekend this year.

Things to Do on Memorial Day

Things to Do on Memorial Day

Things to Do on Memorial Day & Weekend 2018

With Memorial Day Weekend 2018 is right around the corner and if you haven’t made any plans, then it’s time to get started. We have shared details of Best Things to Do on Memorial Day, for your reference. This collection of Things to Do on Memorial Day offer something for everyone to celebrate the day with unique and delightful events and also exhibits designed to recognize the selfless service of your fallen heroes.  Check out a huge gathering of Things to Do on Memorial Weekend here!!

  1. Attend largest Memorial Day parade:

Date: Monday, May 29th at 2 pm.

The National Memorial Day parade marks floats, youth groups, marching bands, performers and mainly veterans. This parade will be televised on a large scale across the United States. It is organized to honor those have served or presently serve in the US armed force.

  1. Honor veterans at the Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally

Date: Sunday, May 28, at 8 am

The Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally brings together professional motorcycle riders from all over the country to showcase their esteem for soldiers who served their nation during the war. This ‘ride for freedom’ celebrates it’s 30th anniversary this year which draws around 900,000 riders featuring a route which begins at Pentagon and rides through West Potomac Park.

  1. Salute the sacrifices of soldiers at the National Memorial Day Concert

Date: Sunday, 28th May, from 8 to 9.30 pm

The National Memorial Day concert salutes the flawless sacrifices made by the men and women of US military and their families. The free annual concert is likely to be held on the West lawns of the US capital.

  1. Pay your respect at national mall memorials

The national mall features plenty of ways to honour US servicemen and women. During the Memorial Day Weekend visit National World War II Memorial and also its famous effervescent fountain.

  1. Observe Flag-In during Memorial Day Weekend

The Arlington National Cemetery is the largest military cemetery of US with thousands of military personnel and members of their family resting there. So, this year visit this amazing place.

  1. Attend the National Memorial day Choral festival

Date:  Saturday, May 27

The inspiring sound concert is going to be held at Kennedy centre. The National Memorial day Choral festival is a powerful concert that features 300 voice choirs.

  1. See, “ The Face Battle” at the National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait gallery examines the cost of ongoing war via incredible portraits of soldiers. Several leading photographers and artist have contributed to 56 works inside. The museum is free to enter.

  1. Visit Georgetown’s waterfront

Georgetown’s River waterfront is the home of series of many restaurants and offers plenty of outdoor activities.

  1. Encounter historical reporting inside the Newseum

It showcases the important historical events and functions through the lens of journalism, which reveals the story of some of the world’s most popular conflicts and incidents.

  1. Witness the majesty of the Iwo Jima Memorial

It is one of the most famous and moving monuments in the region. From 6 am to midnight you can see this breathtaking sculpture which depicts six American soldiers who raised the 2nd American flag at this place.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day

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